Monday, February 11, 2008

Congratulations, Rachel!!!

Athletics is big in our house! Tim played professional baseball and ministers to athletes! Our boys play baseball and played basketball for the first time this year. Both are natural athletes!

Rachel was never interested in playing anything when she was younger. She is not one for attention so she was always content to cheer her brothers on! Then last year she decided she wanted to play basketball and to say we were slightly shocked is an understatement! She did a great job, though, and worked hard at learning the game.

This year she has had a great year and she has even learned she is a natural 3-point shooter! She bagged 2 last game!! Yaaahhhh!

Well, today that which she had cautiously hoped for came true! Rachel made the All-Star team! Yippee!!! We are so proud of our girl and the hard work she has put into getting better! She gets out there on her own and practices like crazy and her hard work, good attitude and perseverance have paid off!

We love you, baby girl! XXOO

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  1. Congratulations, Rachel! So glad for the opportunities God is giving you to shine bright for Him!