Monday, March 24, 2008

A Treasured Moment!

Anyone who has kids has experienced those days where everyone is at each other's throats and you wonder if you have done anything right in your parenting responsibilities! Well, today was not necessarily one of those days, although we have our fair share. Tim and I are both a little under the weather, though, so not apt to be quite as patient as we could be otherwise! ;O)

We decided to do a scramble pick-up of the house after dinner! All hands on deck to put away anything in your line of vision. Divide and conquer! I'll take this room, you take that get the picture. We had things fairly under control and Tim was worn out and had to go lie down. I was finishing up in the kitchen and asked the babies to get ready to go to bed. I got done what I was doing and went to round them up to get them in bed, but what a surprise I got!

Benji was telling Caleb a story and praying with him! Jesse was telling Hannah a story and praying with her! 10 minutes later, all was quiet and the babies were tucked snuggly in bed! My heart was tugged and and my spirit filled with thankfulness!!!

What a relief to know we really must be doing something right! \O/

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