Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caleb Mac is named after our dear friend, Mac Powell of Third Day! Mac named his son, Cash, after Tim, and we were thrilled to reciprocate when Caleb came along! Caleb loves Uncle Mac and frequently asks to call him so he can see when Uncle Mac can babysit! :O)

Well, last Saturday Caleb got his first opportunity to see Uncle Mac sing live! He was thrilled and talked about it incessantly for days before...and after! Here is a picture of Caleb, Jesse, Uncle Mac and his kids Scout and Cash!

Rachel and Benji with Uncle Mac!


  1. Great photos!! I adore you and your family!!

  2. You have some pretty cool friends, Barb. But then, I could say the same thing to him about you. ;) What a fun blessing for your kids to be able to see both sides of this man's life.