Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It's that time of year when our hearts and our minds are turned toward all we have to be thankful for yet again. To say that my heart is overflowing with thankfulness is an understatement. I truly feel (most days anyway ;O) ) that I am living my ultimate dream.

I have a husband who, not only do I love, but I really like! Love is defined as a choice,but like is really something you either do or you don't. I DO!!! With so many marriages imploding around us, this is probably my most thankful thing. The fact that our children get to grow up with a mama and a daddy who truly enjoy each other is not something we take for granted.

My kids bring me so much joy that I can hardly stand it sometimes. To see the young men and women that they are becoming thrills my heart. To see the big ones growing in character because of their perseverence is a blessing to this Mama's heart. To see the younger ones learning to read and spell and excel in all things school related makes the daily grind worth every minute!

The friendships we have been blessed with are a treasure to my heart. I hear so many women say that they just don't have many friends and don't feel like they really click with too many people. I find myself sometimes wondering how I can maintain all the friends the Lord has blessed us with!

For the opportunities the Lord has given me to write and speak this year...I find myself forever grateful. The latter has been a slow progression, but the more I rely on Him and His ability to speak through me and less on my natural inclination to head for the hills, the more freed up I get in what I feel He really has called me to do!

For finances and daily provision...for health and joy! My heart is full and I am exceedingly thankful!

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