Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Book!

Rachel babysits for a member of the Atlanta Falcons. Friday night they were going out and so she went to care for their 2 sweet ones. She had not been there long when she called, obvious excitement in her voice.

"Mama, you're never going to guess what I am staring at right now!"

I quickly wracked my brain to try and come up with a reasonable explanation for her fervor, but I was left wondering. I guess I should digress at this point and let you know that Rachel is a rather unusual teenage girl. She is a sports junkie and nothing makes her come alive like a good baseball, football or basketball game! Given that knowledge, I figured it must be sports related, but the details of which escaped me! I told her I gave up...

"I am staring at the playbook for the game between the Falcons and the Eagles this Sunday. The real playbook. The key to everything that is going to take place on the field this week!"

When I got done laughing and inwardly rolling my eyes, I admonished her not to even open the cover!

"Oh, I wouldn't", she replied, "but it sure is one of the prettiest things I have ever seen!" (I told you she was rather unusual! :insertrollingeyeshere:)

After telling her I thought it would be okay to take a picture of the cover with her phone, I hung up and shook my head. What a nut!

Last night while laying in bed, though, I revisited our conversation (with a giggle, of course) and suddenly I was struck with a thought. How many people are facing the Playbook for the game of life, but never do more than stare at the cover? You with me? I am refering to the Bible, of course!!!

The Falcons playbook was designed specifically for the opponent they were going to be facing that particular Sunday. The Bible was given to us so we would be prepared to meet the opponent we will go up against every day from now to eternity...satan!!!

Why then do we fail to open our Playbook and read what the One Who has already been victorious shares with us is our best offensive tactics? Football players would rather focus on their offense and not have to rely too heavily on their defense. A good defense is necessary, but if the offense is on their game, the defense is not as taxed.

It's the same for us in life. The Lord has laid out in a very clear and concise way what our best offensive plan of attack is. He has also laid out a defensive plan, but if we employ the offensive tactics, the defensive ones are not as necessary.

The reality that we face an opponent who is alive and well and seeking to annihilate us at any moment is a given. Why enter the battle each day without having read the Playbook and seeing what patterns the Coach thinks we should run that day then? It's all there...everything we'll need to play effectively.

You know the only difference between a football playbook and the Bible?

If we follow the plan of attack laid out for us in the Bible, we are GUARANTEED a win. Unfortunately, as Sunday quickly revealed, the Falcons were not as fortunate. Their play book is, at best, providing hope that they will come out on top! Our Playbook ENSURES that we will be victorious and reign with Him for all eternity!

Don't let your Playbook gather dust! Read it, memorize it and employ the things you learn when you find yourself engaged in battle. It's the only Book that holds all the answers for a fool-proof offense!


  1. Hi Barb,
    I've enjoyed reading all of your recent posts! I think your daughter and I would have been friends back in the day!! What sports does she play??

    Anyway I tried commenting before but blogger wouldn't cooperate - I loved your words about the empty manger - how true. Have you heard Go Fish's song, It's About the Cross - it's a good one and you reminded me of that. Also love the poem you wrote, just this AM I gave a talk at MOPS about the choices we have this time of the year, but the most important being the gift we receive. Wish I'd had seen your poem first, I think I'd of shared it too. (I'd of asked first!!) Hope all is well for you - we're gearing up for a blizzard - schools are out and a possible 15 inches are on the way!!! Take care, Jill

  2. Hey Jill, it's good to see you!!! How's that sweet baby doing?

    Rachel plays basketball, but she loves watching anything. She truly is a sport junkie and I am sure you two WOULD get along famously! :O)

    How did your MOPS talk go? I am speaking at ours in March. I spoke at our Ladies' Christmas Tea for about 300 women on Sunday and it was actually fun! I have another one in January and then Tim and I are speaking at the Midwest Homeschool Convention in April. That one scares me a tad! ;O)

    Wish we had some snow! My Canadian blood starts longing for it right about now! Hunker down and enjoy it! So good to see you around!

    Love you,


  3. And, Jill, you can borrow anything you want! Just give them the link to my blog when you do! ;O)

  4. Hey Barb! Just catching up with you and your blog. This post reminds me so much of Moses and the brass serpent. The people just would not believe that by simply gazing at the brass serpent that they could be saved. It was too easy.

    I think most people feel the same way about scripture study and prayer. It is just too easy. How could such small simple acts bring us so close to our Father in Heaven? I know that it does. I know that we can learn so much about Him when we study His words, and talk to him. Easy...great! I can do that!
    Great post.