Thursday, May 20, 2010

Art With Meaning!

I had 2 handkerchiefs that were my Granny's that I got when she died. I love them, but I hated that they just sat in a drawer. The other day I was in an antique store and saw something that started my creative juices flowing. Look what it led to...

(The bell in the second picture was my Granny and Pop's and is in my kitchen!)

I love how they turned out! :O)


  1. Barb, they're beautiful! What a wonderful idea! I love how you make your house a home.

  2. Nice idea - I just may copy it! Maybe I won't sell those old hankies after all!

  3. Such a pretty idea!

    Where did you get those fantastic curtains?

    I'm really loving all these pictures of your house. Love your style!

  4. Merri~

    I believe that the item(s) you are writting about are mine. How cool is that!

    My friend told me that she was reading a blog, and someone had written about Cottontail Cottage, and that she saw the idea. So, I Googled this and found you...

    Thanks for getting the word out about Cottontails...and thanks for making my afternoon.