Monday, November 22, 2010


As we begin this "Thankful Week" I find my heart overflowing with things I am thankful for, yet burdened at the same time! Our sweet friend, Ashley, faces a tough couple of days and I wish we were closer so we could be with them. She must have a test done today and then she faces brain surgery tomorrow. She is understandably scared and I am sure her Mama and Daddy find their hearts constricted at the thought of all their baby must endure! I am asking Papa to minister to this family as only He can and to encourage their hearts in such a way that they will know they have had an encounter with Him!!!

I am, at the same time, most thankful for so many things...

* For the opportunity in a few days to celebrate 20 years of marriage with an amazing man who has exceeded all my expectations
* For 5 awesome kids who bring me more joy than I could have ever imagined
* For an extended family who loves us and supports us
* For a Bible study group who has become like family over the years! Their love and encouragement and the way they have sharpened and challenged us is a beautiful thing to behold!
* For the ministry of UPI, which we have poured our hearts and souls into for 20+ years
* For a new church family who has welcomed us with open arms and hearts! The possibilities that lay before us there excite us!
* For friends who support us and hold up our arms when we become weary
* For provision, shelter, food and added comforts that exceed what we could have imagined
* For the opportunity to homeschool for the past 16 years
* For the way Papa has prepared my heart for the writing and speaking opportunities He has brought my way
* For a garden I can tend to
* For a great camera that allows me to express my creative side
* For all these things and too many more to list...

*But most of all for JESUS...the One who completes me, challenges me, cleanses me and quiets me...I would be nothing without YOU!

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