Friday, May 27, 2011


We have needed rain so badly and we finally got it last night! I could have done without the 4am thunderstorm, but I was thankful none-the-less! I had fun this morning snapping shots of happy blooms!

I found a song that spoke to what I was witnessing and a portion of it goes like this...

T’was just a garden in the rain
Close to a little leafy lane
A touch of color ’neath skies of gray
The raindrops kissed the flowerbeds
The blossoms raised their leafy heads
A perfumed thank you
They seemed to say

(Garden in the Rain by Diana Krall)

The sun will soon be out and the ground will again get parched, but for now I will enjoy the sight of raindrop kissed blossoms!!


  1. oooooooo gardenias … so thankful for the rain as well :)

  2. What a beautiful blog and kindred spirit... I happened on your blog from your article on sports in the Homeschool Magazine. My son plays a high level of baseball in Texas and is also homeschooled. Your garden and photos of God's marvels are breathtaking and so peaceful!