Thursday, April 26, 2012

No gift should be received with greater sobriety than influence!

I am doing a Beth Moore study on James and today's lesson was on teachers and the responsibility they bear.  As someone in ministry, the truth quoted above rests about my shoulders as both a comforting reminder and a heavy yoke depending on the day! To be an influencer is exciting and scary...inspiring and challenging.  To know that one small action can cause a ripple effect is humbling.

There are so many great quotes in this lesson that as a teacher and a pastor's wife challenge and encourage me!  

"Let's quite trying to take people's pulse to see how much they love us...If you can get people pleased, you cannot keep them pleased. Bind your wrist to the One who isn't fickle."

This made me want to shout, "YES!"  It's so true!  As soon as we are focused on making one person or group of people happy, someone else is getting mad and leaving.  We do what we do for an audience of One and there is great responsibility in that!

Galations 1:10 ~ "Do you think I speak this strongly in order to manipulate crowds? Or curry favour with God? Or get popular applause? If my goal was popularity, I wouldn't bother being Christ's slave."

I knew quite a few years before I married Tim that I was called to full-time ministry.  That fact has brought me great comfort over the last 22 years of marriage/ministry that we have been engaged in.  I cannot imagine how much more difficult the road may have been if I felt I was just along for the ride, so to speak, and not actively engaged in what God has called us both to do.  

Still yet, the fact that what I do and say has incredible influence over others drives me to my knees and makes me ever so dependent on the Holy Spirit's direction.  There are days that I feel so very overwhelmed by the responsibility because I truly love those we have been called to minister to on a daily basis.  I know that my life and how I live it is either pointing people TO Jesus or AWAY from Him.  My influence, especially over those in my own home, is that powerful...and that scares me!!

Lord, I cannot do what I've been called to do without You!  I am in desperate need of Your wisdom and Your guidance.  It seems that we are in a season of separating light and darkness...sheep and goats...true followers and those who are just falling in line behind the masses.  May my life be an example of someone who is choosing to walk in the light, drawing a line in the sand without compromise and leading others forward in spirit and in truth!!  Please help me remain ever sober about the realm of influence I possess and never treat lightly what that means in the lives of others!!


  1. "Let's quit trying to take people's pulse to see how much they love us...If you can get people pleased, you cannot keep them pleased. Bind your wrist to the One who isn't fickle." Amen!
    Perfect blog post for these times, Barb - thanks so much for sharing what is on your heart!

  2. I just finished up the Beth Moore study on James through a women's study at my church. That was an awesome week of study on teachers. Like you said, it is a big responsibility, and a little scary, to think our influence can be so powerful! But it's exciting to see all the God is doing through teachers and those in ministry!

    In His Lo♥e, Ann

  3. Thanks for this post, Barb. I feel the same way and need the encouragement and personal challenge to holiness and FOCUS! Blessings on you, sister.
    Patty Rasmussen

  4. Barb- Thank you for this very timely and prophetic word for my life! I never want to return to that yoke of slaveryagain(Pleasing) It was a way of life for me for 2o+ years- cost me more than I ever wanted to pay!You so right that the responsibility is huge- and sobering. Or focus HAS to be FIXED and that is a hard task- I blogged about this very subject yesterday! Its so hard to do but is life altering when we dont.

    God no doubt sent you and Tim to The OC and the body there is so blessed as a result! Keep on plugging forward knowing that He has you in the palm of His hands and is directing the course each and every day! He will see you through the difficult task ahead! I pray for you often and miss you my sister!