Saturday, July 27, 2013


Caleb and I got to have a rare lunch alone yesterday on our way to a Dr's appointment. He had never been to Chipotle and, since the rest of the family loves it, I figured it was time he experienced it for himself. 

As we were sitting there eating our amazing lunch, I saw him studying something on the wall above my head. Finally, in between bites, he told me to look at the cool artwork that hung there. I craned my neck to try and take it in, but my vantage point left me wondering what it could possibly be that he saw so fascinating. All I could see were edges and a few bolts here and there...nothing really discernible as to what it was actually supposed to be hanging there.

I sat there contemplating how much life is like that. Sometimes we are so close to a situation, immersed in it on every side it seems, that our perspective is skewed and we are unable to make out what things really look like. We can be prone to making rush decisions based on our deceptive vantage point without waiting and stepping back and asking the Lord to give us His true perspective. What can look like a nonsensical picture with no order to it at all can actually be a work of art given the right time and the right perspective.

Lord, help me to remember that the way I see things is not always an accurate representation of the situation at hand. May I have the presence of mind to step back, wait and ask You to show me Your perspective and how You, the Master artist, are putting the pieces together to create a beautiful work of art in my life. I love you, Lord and am thankful that You see the big picture when I get caught up in the up-close details!!

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