Saturday, December 14, 2013

All Babies are a Blessing

We are having a luncheon today for the crisis pregnancy center that our church partners with, the Pregnancy Resource Center. We decided we wanted to love on these girls and applaud them for choosing life for their babies, even though they found themselves in difficult situations. We are giving each of them diapers, wipes and handmade baby blankets and letting them know that their babies are special. Each of the Mamas represented are fearfully and wonderfully made and each of their precious babies are, too.

So often these babies are seen as an accidental crisis instead of a divine creation. So often these Mamas are made to feel shame and guilt over the situation they find themselves in. That led me to think about Mary and what it must have been like for her. 

Pregnant, but unwed. 

Facing potential shame and ridicule.

Knowing she would birth the promised divine creation

while being treated as the first... 

"crisis pregnancy".

Mary was part of God's divine plan to ensure we would not suffer eternally for our sins. She would give birth to a baby, God in the flesh, who would grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. She sensed though the circumstances seemed difficult, the impact would be eternal. Could she possibly have known that her heart would feel as if it was being torn from her body as her sweet baby grew and became redemption for all humanity, though? 

A Mother's Heart

I stared at you the other night 
As so peacefully you slept,
With thoughts of another mommy
And the tears she must have wept.

Her newborn babe she held so close
As she whispered in His ear,
"You are this promised Jesus,"
And she wiped away a tear.

She watched Him grow in wisdom,
Found Him teaching those that taught,
She heard He fed five thousand,
As He healed all those that sought.

And all the while she waited,
For she sensed with a mother's heart
That sooner than she'd ever want
He must fulfill His part.

So it came to pass that final day
That she watched, as pain engulfed her,
For there He hung, her little boy,
Who had now become her Saviour.   

What Jesus did on the cross was necessary to restore us into a right relationship with the God who created us. He was born as a baby in a manger, but He died and was resurrected as our Saviour so that we could experience eternal life in heaven with the Father. May we never lose sight of this and may we always be ever mindful that every life is a divine creation and never an accidental crisis!!!

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