Thursday, May 1, 2014


I used to think that a mom came up with the whole cloning idea…until I became a pastor's wife! Now I'm pretty sure a pastor's wife decided duplicating herself was her only hope. I love what we do! I LOVE the people we call our own and the relationships we have built. I find it a huge under-taking, though. I think what weighs on me the most is the responsibility of it all. If you take this job seriously, if you realize the impact you can have on people's lives (good and bad) and if you see these people as God sees them then it can become overwhelming at times. 

It is a misnomer to assume that the church is filled with people who have it all together. As Tim likes to say, none of us will ever have our tassels turned this side of heaven and so, consequently, the church is filled with the healed and the hurting alike. So many have deep wounds, hidden sins and consuming insecurities that keep them handcuffed and unable to experience freedom in Christ. Seeing women shake off chains and walk in new-found freedom is one of the greatest joys of my heart!! 

As the shepherdess of the flock, it is hard when you encounter so many women and see the degree of their hurt, though. There is a huge responsibility in the counsel given because, as I look at these women I meet with, pray with and seek to give Biblical counsel to, I realize the far-reaching impact of what is taking place. This counsel shared not only affects these women who have sought it out, but it has potential to affect their spouses, their families, their friends and their extended realms of influence.

It is in these times when the weight of it all can seem crushing to me. When I feel like there are so many needs and not enough me to go around. It is then that I must remind myself that it is HE who must do the work and HE who shoulders the responsibility of it all. HE multiplies the time and energy so that there is enough to go around and HE is the only One who can break chains and heal hearts. HE is the one who gives insight and peels back layers to get to buried wounds and HE is the one who leads the way out of darkness and onto the path of freedom.

The key to it all for me and other pastor's wives who find themselves constantly pouring into the lives and hearts of others is this…we must not neglect our own personal time with Him because that is the key to being equipped for all He calls us to do. We must spend time in the quiet place listening to His still small voice so that we can be renewed and so that the words we speak are His and not our own. We must be constantly plugged into Him as our source of strength and not rely solely on our own resources. Some days that seems easier done than others. I know there are so many of you who pray me  and my fellow sisters (pastor's wives) on a regular basis and that means more than you will ever know! Please don't stop. 

Prayers trump cloning any day, but some days it does seem like a viable option!!!

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  1. Yes, yes, yes my friend... Hugs. Lots of prayers holding you up dear one!!! We are in a battle and I am so thankful you reach so many, myself included.