Monday, August 25, 2014

Love, God!!

We have a friend who Tim has been meeting with for the last couple of months. This friend surrendered his life to the Lord shortly after they started meeting and he is excitedly allowing himself to be discipled by Tim. One thing we feel is vitally important in order for people to have freedom in Christ, is for them to see themselves as Christ sees them. There is a danger for people to stay so mired in guilt and shame once they surrender to Jesus, that they never really experience what it means to be free. Their past weighs so heavily on them that they cannot fully embrace their future.

Tim told our friend he had an exercise for him. He wanted him to write a letter from God to himself. He wanted to see how this friend really thought God viewed him as he began his new journey. The letter was as poignant as anything I have ever read and brought both Tim and me to tears. If our friend can continue to own these words as he moves forward, there is no telling what the Lord will continue to do in him and through him…

Dear son,

This is your creator, your Heavenly Father!

I designed you for a purpose! Although you may not know your purpose, I do. Have faith that all that I do is by design and not by accident. Trust that your life has not been a waste because I've been watching you and I am a forgiving God! I am a loving God! I knew you were going to be a sinner! 

I knew you would have kids out of wedlock! I knew you would be a habitual adulterer! I knew you you would be a user and abuser of drugs and alcohol! I knew you would be a liar! I knew you would let your wife have an abortion! And in spite of all of this, I STILL LOVE YOU! I sent my son to die for your sins because I knew! All I require of you is spelled out in My Word...1 John 1:9! Remember this verse! Do you believe me? Do you trust me? If so, why do you not forgive yourself? Why do you carry all of this shame and guilt with you? 

Now, you have got to decide how you want to live the rest of your life! You have been guessing and running for a long time! Aren't you tired? There were so many times you were close to giving it all to me only to hold on to your worldly desires. Well, it's time! It's time to let go. I have big plans for you and you have got to trust that they will fulfill you more than anything you've ever experienced! 
I will be here, waiting with my arms open! Waiting for the son I love and created.
There is nothing you can do to earn what I have for you! Nothing to prepare for! Just trust me and love me.


Your Heavenly Father, your redeemer,


I would encourage you, especially if you are struggling with guilt and shame and in truly believing what God says about you, to write your own letter from Papa to yourself. His love and forgiveness washes you clean!!

He loves you…He really and truly does!!

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