Monday, October 13, 2008

Beauty in the Mundane!

Mundane ~ relating to the commonplace: ordinary...

Translated ~ laundry, cleaning, making beds, cooking...the list goes on!!!

We have had a crazy last 2 weeks! We have been in full birthday mode for so long that mundane is welcome! I find myself rejoicing today in the mundane...finding beauty in the smell of freshly laundered towels, a tidy bedroom, the sound of my washing machine and dryer doing their stuff, a home-cooked meal...

I just let out a deep sigh and realized that there is much contentedness in the mundane! Prov. 31:18 in The Message says, "She senses the worth of her work." I am convinced that is the root of it all! If there is not great worth in the mundane, then the extraordinary becomes the standard and who can maintain that for very long without growing exhausted!

Thank you, Lord, for the mundane that brings such joy!!! For in celebrating the routines of life, we can rest in the knowledge that godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. (1 Tim 6:6)


  1. I love this entry! Very well said! I truly love the feeling of things being in order, or in the process of things being put in order, and I think you worded it so well. Thank you for reaffirming the worth of our efforts, Barb, and that to find joy in them is a GOOD thing. :) *happy sigh*

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, freind! It means so much! XXOO