Saturday, October 4, 2008

My longing fulfilled!

A few months back, Tim and I had a night away at a B&B! It was in a lovely old house in Madison, GA with a screened-in porch on the back. On the porch was an old iron bed and it was heavenly to lay out there and listen to the rain and the crickets. I could picture a bed just like that on my beloved screened-in back porch, but I also know a bed like that is not cheap! A girl can hope, though, can't she?

Well, I did keep an eye out for a bed that would work, but never found anything quite right in my price range...virtually free! ;O) I was at peace that I may never have a bed like that on my back porch, but there was a tiny shred of hope hiding in the back of my heart!

Well, last weekend my very dear friend, Sheri, was having a yard sale. I drove in her driveway, parked in the yard and had no sooner gotten out of the car than I spied it! I am sure there was a heavenly spotlight on it and I imagine the sound I heard faintly in the distance was a choir of angels. It was beautiful, it was white and it was definitely in my price range! I pounced on it and immediately tore off the price tag. I told Sheri it was sold and I was thrilled! Sheri,being the amazing friend she is, would not let me pay for it! (I'll return the favour one day!)

So we disassembled the bed and put it in my car. A couple of days later I found a very nice used box springs and mattress for $50. Sheri's son and our other friend brought me the mattress in their truck and I already had the perfect linens to use on it! I got all this done before Tim got back from Arizona so I could surprise him.

So here is Papa's gift to me...just because! Not because I deserve it, not because I even needed it, but just because he desires to give good gifts...longed for His kids!! Isn't it pretty?! :O)


  1. It's beautiful - and I love the quilt. :)

  2. Love it and I want one! Guess I need a screened in porch first!