Friday, March 13, 2009

His Ways...

I sit here today, eating my oatmeal (definitely an acquired taste for me, but I am making progress) and contemplating the day that stretches out before me. So many things I think I need to many different options and combinations of what this day could look like...and I am reminded that this day is a gift!

We treat each new day as a given when, reality is, none of us is promised tomorrow...or even today as we know it. I have been to enough funerals so far this year to realize that life can change in an instant and my day as I know it can look vastly different than how I envision it at this moment.

Psalm 25:4 (MsgB)
Show me how you work, God;
School me in your ways.

I do know our day is going to include school and I am as much in need of schooling as my 5 young charges...maybe more!

Teach me, Papa, to consider you and your ways. Show me what You would have for me this day and what You desire for me to accomplish before it quickly comes to a close. May I be sensitive to Your leading and Your still, small voice!

ETA: I love how Papa punctuates what He whispers to our hearts in such a gentle yet powerful way. After I posted this this morning, I found a card someone had sent to me last year and the front of it read...

When you opened
your eyes this morning,
God had already seen
your day unfold ~
He covered each corner
of it with His grace...
tucked His love into every moment...
and tenderly wrapped it
with the quiet strength
your heart would need!

My day ended up involving a trip to the doctor that I had not even contemplated to find out Caleb has bronchitis. Given his lung issues she was pretty concerned and I was so thankful my unfolding day was not a surprise to Him!

Thank you, Papa, for unfolding my day just as you would have it! Thank you for allowing me to take KK to the doctor and for giving me lots of time today to snuggle!

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