Friday, March 20, 2009

He Loves Me...

Our family is a homeschooling family. We always have been...13 years and counting. Some days it is crazy and I think I must be insane to actually choose to do this, but most days I love it! We're entering a transitional time, though, and it is stretching me...

My 2 oldest ~ 16 and 14 ~ are heading to the Christian school in out town next year as a senior and a freshman. They are excited and so am I...sort of!

I find that this a bittersweet thought for me. On one hand, I will joyfully surrender the task of counting high school credits and the weight of wondering if I really am preparing my kids well for the life ahead. I know deep down I am, but it is still a bit of pressure.

On the other hand, this is who I am. I am a homeschooling mom of 5 kids. I don't know anything different and neither do they. I teach my kids, I don't hand them off to someone else. Now obviously we feel the school they are heading to is equal to the task or we wouldn't consider it. They both have lots of friends that attend there and we have seen the fruit of this experience in many of their lives. And it's not like I'll get lonely because I'll still have 3 at home that I'll be teaching.

I realize I need to change my thinking, though. Who I am and what I do are 2 different things. My worth is based on who I am in Christ, not in being Barb Cash...ministry wife...homeschool mom...woman who cooks huge meals in a single bound! LOL!

I am His and that is enough!

Thank you, Papa, for stripping me of anything apart from You that could give me a false sense of worth and significance. Thank You for teaching me that teaching them is not who I am. I am Barb Cash, beloved daughter of Abba Father...bought with His blood...sealed with His matter what! You rejoice over me with shouts of joy! Praise You!

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