Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Parenting Is Not for Sissies!

All I ever wanted to do was be a wife and a Mama! Didn't go to college because there were no Domestic Engineering degrees offered! Given that, when Rachel was born I was ecstatic...my dream had finally come to fruition.

Being a Mama has been the most fulfilling job I could have ever hoped for. Rachel, Benji, Jesse, Hannah and Caleb have exceeded my wildest expectations. It's also caused me many sleepless nights and days spent with knots in my stomach and today was no exception.

Rachel is 16 and today...she took her driver's test. I told our friend Mac that I was fasting til I found out how she did, but that I wasn't sure if it was for the purpose of prayer or because food might make me throw up! I desperately wanted her to pass because I knew how much she wanted it. I was scared stiff she'd pass because that means she is going to want to pull out of the driveway by herself now without Tim or me in the car!

Of course, my love for Rachel outweighs my fears as a mom so I was thrilled to get the call that she had passed! My baby girl is a driver now! Congratulations, Rach! We are so very proud of you! XOXO


  1. Rejoicing and praying for her, too!

  2. Way to go, Rachel!!

    Barb, these milestones roll around WAY too fast.


  3. You should be proud! You are one awesome mama Barb! She is absolutely beautiful.

  4. What an exciting time, in more ways than one! I have one turning 17 this week. Hard to believe that he's been driving on his own for nearly a year. The only thing I can say is that having a child with a driver's license grows your faith and greatly increases your prayer life!

    I have so enjoyed meandering around your blog and catching up. I cna relate to so many of the things you are going through!