Monday, February 8, 2010

Today's Perspective...

Curled up like a cat
In a patch of January sun
Time stretched out before.

No self-imposed expectations
Or to-do lists beckoning
As is usually the case.

Rather simply a heart
Thankful to be experiencing
The gift of another day.

Sickness which hung like a veil
Has lifted and leaves in its wake
A tired, but happy soul.

Conscious once again
That health is a state
We often take for granted.

Taking joy in the gentle cuddles
That, out of necessity,
Had to be temporarily suspended.

Reveling in the simple
And the mundane routines of life
That for today seem holy.


  1. Yes,Barb! You ARE a tough cookie & happy thoughts are coming your way.We don't appreciate the everyday health & blessings we have until one day,they go south & we are unable to use them or they don't work like they once did.I've had surgery on both hands & didn't appreciate just how important they were & just how many things I needed them for. I didn't realize just how much something in my home needed scrubbing until I was down one hand!Thank you for reminding of all the unappreciated gifts from God that we need to appreciate more!

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  3. Ack! I deleted because I couldn't figure out how to edit my grammatical error. What I wanted to say:

    Beautiful words from your beautiful heart. The contentment and thankfulness are so clear. Glad you are feeling better, friend!

  4. I'm so glad you are feeling better friend! Yes, health is something that is easy to take for granted until it is gone. After a rough patch with my family, I am aware of our health much more and thank God for good health often!