Thursday, June 17, 2010


Fran is home with Jesus! Her body is whole, she is pain-free and she is in the presence of the One she surrendered her life to many years ago. Her family, while they rejoice over her home-going, finds themselves with a gaping hole and hearts broken in two!

Fran touched the hearts of all who knew her. It seems strange to admit that she became my friend on the internet, but the FIAR boards have allowed me to develop heart friends across the country! Fran was the kind of girl who always showed much care and compassion in all things and she made everyone feel special!

Our FIAR community is grieving, but we do not lose hope. We know that, for those of us who are in Christ, we have the promise of spending eternity with Jesus and Fran. In the meantime, we pray for Ed, their children and extended family as they celebrate a life well lived while trying to figure out a way to fill the void her passing has left!

I love you, Fran! You lived well, loved deeply and touched me at a heart level! Thank you, friend!


  1. Thank you for your fitting words about our dear friend. She will be missed.
    Sarah in FL

  2. Beautiful words for our beautiful friend. Thank you, Barb.