Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Prov. 27:19 As water reflects a face,
so a man's heart reflects the man.

I am in Indiana at the lake! The skies are sunny and the humidity is non-existent! It is heavenly!

As I sat in the big arm chair by the window watching the sunrise and working on my Bible study, I found myself gazing out at the water and the perfect reflection of the pier in the water below as the sun made its appearance. The water was perfectly still and it was hard to tell where the real pier ended and the reflection began.

I contemplated the reality as I sat there that we are all reflecting something. We are either reflecting the glory of the Lord because of the intimacy of time spent with Him, or we are reflecting the cares of the world because of involvement in them minus the time with Him. That is where I found myself more times than I care to count this past year and I am so thankful that I again find myself driven to spend time with Him to survive as surely as I need air to breathe.

I couldn't wait to get up this morning and continue in Esther, seeing what nuggets He has for me for this day. Time spent with Him was essential and it was sweet!

Thank you, Papa, for continuing to woo me in spite of myself! Thank You for welcoming me back even though my visits have been sporadic as of late! Thank You for affirming Your love to me and for reminding me I am Your girl!!

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  1. Beautiful thoughts here, Barb! I'm afraid that I reflect the cares of this world way too much! I hope you are having a good time :)