Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Makes Me Happy!

Wish you could smell and taste these strawberries! They are so sweet. I also love my new Pyrex bowl I have them in. I am a sucker for vintage kitchen stuff!!

My "friend" butchered my tree and now I am not sure my shade plants will have enough shade! :O( This flower bed still makes me happy, though!!

Our new front porch. I am hoping to get a pergola built on the top of it and put a canvas sail on it to provide a little shade. I love sitting out there and watching the kids play!

See those lines on the grass? I put them there!!!!

These are some of my peonies that looked too pretty to leave out there with the risk of severe weather looming! Aren't they gorgeous? My pink ones have a bazillion blooms, but none have opened yet. I so hope they fair well tonight!!!

My wisteria looks so pretty! Good thing it does because my friend informed me it smells like cat urine! LOL!! Lovely!! :OP

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  1. Your yard makes ME happy :) … and those strawberries … I must get over to Washington farms and pick some before they are all gone … and don't get me started on antique Pyrex bowls ;) :)