Monday, June 25, 2012

The long, long night or...

why I will never own a tempurpedic mattress! 

We have some very generous friends who are always looking for ways to bless others.  The wife texted me the other day to let me know they are getting their rental house ready to rent again now that a family member has moved out. She said they had a king tempurpedic mattress they were getting rid of and wondered if we would like it.  Seemed like a free one of these was the only way we would ever have one and I know many people love them so I said yes.  Yesterday Tim and Benji went over and loaded it up and lugged it home.

We switched it out and waited expectantly for bed time to roll around.  My initial thoughts upon laying on it were that it was extremely hard and I felt kind of like I was laying on plywood.  I determined to keep an open mind and told Tim that maybe I would end up having the best sleep of my life. We rolled over and, by sheer exhaustion, fell asleep quickly. 

*Cue the ominous background music*

To say that I had a bad night of sleep is an understatement.  Jesse had told us that the ads say you can put a glass of wine on the bed and jump on it and the wine won't spill.  Tim mentioned that again this morning and I reminded him that the same thing could be said for a glass of wine sitting on the sidewalk. Doesn't mean I want to stretch out and spend the night there.

The only time I have ever wakened as sweaty during the night was right after having a baby when I would experience hormonal night sweats.  I got up to pee at one point and was drenched!! My shoulder, which I still have terrible trouble with, hurt like crazy and is very painful this morning.  Where normally I feel like I somewhat sink into our tempurpedic topper and mattress, last night I felt that I spent the night literally balancing on plywood.  I, on more than one occasion, considered just going out to sleep on the leather couch in the living room because anything had to be better than this!!

I kept thinking, "If Tim wakes up and says he had the best sleep ever...I am screwed!" He got up around 4am and I tried, to no avail, to go back to sleep.  Finally I got up and worked on my Bible study and hoped my coffee would work magic.  When Tim came back upstairs he asked me how I slept.  I decided to be straight up and told him I might have a nervous breakdown if I had to sleep on that mattress again.  

With fear and trepidation...I asked him how he slept!

To my relief he said it was the worst night he ever had and, on more than one occasion, he thought that the couch would surely be a better option. I almost cried in relief that he didn't fall in love with it.  As soon as he gets home later this afternoon he and Benji will switch it out with our old mattress and topper and it may be a race to see which one of us is in the bed first!

I realize some of you may have one of these mattresses and love it so please do not be offended by my rant!  We are all wired differently and what sleeps well for one may not translate into a good night's sleep for another. What really stinks about this whole scenario is that Tim and I have a very rare date night scheduled for tonight.  

Looks like we'll be hitting our local Starbucks for a bold roast IV drip! *Yawn*


  1. Barb! I cannot tell you how much we love our Simmons Beautyrest. We had a sleep number bed, I ended up putting in a dumpster. After spending several nights on a tempurpedic, we had the same experience, hot and sore! Hope you have a lovely night with your sweetheart, and are able to make it through your date awake!

  2. All I have to say after spending the night on a tempurpedic bed in someone else's home is OW OW OW! And I like a super firm mattress. There's just something about that memory foam that is not for me. Your sidewalk comment made me laugh! Enjoy your starbucks. Love you!

  3. I'm a tempurpedic lover, Barb, but it does take some getting used to. Steve hated the one I had in IN, though. Said it made him very hot too (and not in a good way! :-) But we bought a newer model one for here in NC and they've added some baffles or something that make it cooler.

    Hope you can find someone to give it to who will be thrilled!

  4. I love diy home projects. this one is so creative and looks great with the bedding. saw you on tatertots and jello. best memory foam