Monday, July 23, 2012


Well, while we arrived home from vacation mid-week last week, I am just now getting around to posting.  Even though we were home, Tim was still off and we were still in shut-down mode.  I sure do enjoy shut-down mode once in a while! ;O)

Our travels were amazing!  Jesse and I had such a great time in Toronto and the time we all had in Indiana with friends (who are family) was very special.  We were pampered and spoiled and allowed to rest and be refreshed.  That was an invaluable gift we were given and one we do not take lightly!!!

3 weeks is a long time to be gone, though, and I was so happy to get back home.  Might have had to do with being back in my our own bed since Tim and I normally share a King and were in Queens while gone.  I love my hubby, but I love my space when I sleep, too! ;O)  I was also happy to get back in my home, cook for my family and enjoy being able to putter around in familiar surroundings.  

As all good things that must eventually come to an end, vacation for Tim ended this morning when he left for the church.  I must admit it was tough to watch him go.  He did a great job of disengaging during his time off and I truly enjoyed not sharing him with too many other people than the 5 offspring we have between us!!  

His departure left me with the opportunity/task of getting myself back in a routine of sorts.  So far so good!  I cleaned, vacuumed, did laundry and paid bills.  I am so proud of my efforts that I am going to allow myself to play the rest of the day.  A true routine will involve enough to fill a whole day, but I decided I would take this week to "ease into it"! ;O)

I have some things I want to blog about so I will get back to you more this week!

Enjoy what little is left of your summer!  I know I will be doing the same thing!!!

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  1. It's always so hard to let Dave go back to work after time off! Glad Tim was able to truly get away with you all. And I'm so glad your time was refreshing and renewing. Now, back to it! :)