Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Written on His Palm

My sweet friend probably knew when she texted me this pic that it would encourage me to know that she wanted a visual to remember to pray for me...and she was right!  Little did she know that her picture was much more profound than just that, though, for when I saw it I remembered this...

See, I have written your name on My hand.
Is. 49:16

Wow!!!  Does Papa ever know what we need right when we need it.  My panic level had been steadily rising throughout the day and I was trying to keep my mind occupied so I didn't dwell on what the next 6 weeks might look like in pain and with one arm strapped to my body! This verse goes on to say that we are continuously and always before Him.  

Oh me of little faith!  Is life going to look different for a while?  Yes!  Am I going to experience a good bit of pain I would rather not have to endure? Uh...yeah!!

Knowing that the One who has my name written on the palm of His hand is in control was just the reminder I needed to be able to let my mind rest and my stomach unknot a little.

When I lie down, I will not be afraid;
When I lie down, my sleep will be sweet.
Prov. 3:24

Sweet dreams y'all!!!

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