Monday, July 30, 2012

Toronto Trip Pics...Finally!!

Our first stop was Niagara Falls!  Jesse was thrilled because he didn't think we were going to be able to see the Falls!!

Hard to imagine how much water actually goes over the Falls per minute!  Impressive!!

US side at dusk.  The sky was beautiful, but the Falls not quite as impressive as the Canadian side! ;O)

The Canadian side at dusk...just starting to be illuminated with back lights!

The home I grew up in my whole childhood!  The people who bought it from my parents still live there and they invited us in to tour the ENTIRE house!  Such an incredible experience to be able to reminisce!!!

We were there for Canada Day (Canadian equivalent of July 4th) and this was the huge flag hanging in the Eaton Centre.

The view of the Toronto Harbour from our hotel room!!  So beautiful!!!

Out for the evening at Harbour Front!

CN Tower lit up for Canada Day!

Some of the buildings downtown on our city tour.

Clock Tower at old City Hall.

Roots Canada...where we did some shopping!

The front of the Royal Ontario Museum...pretty cool!

The web of street car wires in Chinatown.  Not sure how they keep them all straight, but it seems to work.

Jesse on the double-decker bus tour sporting his new Blue Jays cap!

Just as impressive during the day!!

A sizeable plane landing at the Island Airport in the Toronto Harbour.  We could watch planes landing and taking off all day from our hotel room!

The Toronto skyline from a boat in the harbour.  I always get a rush from this scene!

Harbourfront from the water...

The Skydome open for the game between the Blue Jays and the Royals.  We were definitely the minority pulling for the Royals!!

Jesse and my brother, David, at the game.  We had seats right behind the Royals dugout and Jesse even had one of the Royals players throw him a game ball, but he gave it to the little kid in front of us.

The CN Tower from our seat in the stadium...very cool!!

Interesting architecture in downtown!

Union Station!

Lisa and Christian!  Lisa was "my first baby" and I loved her like she was mine!  She's a Mama now!! Am I old? ;O)

Jesse at the Scarborough Bluffs!

I was surprised by how emotional I got visiting the Bluffs.  It was here that I would go to think and pray!  It was here that I decided I was "all in" in my walk with the Lord!!  The decision I made here affected who I married, where I live, how many children I have and, most importantly, the purpose with which I live my life!!  Kinda felt like sacred ground!!!

The view from "my rocks"!

We both sat and thought for quite a while.  This was one of the most special parts of the trip for me!!

Sailboat off the Bluffs!

Flowers nestled amongst the rocks...what a view they have each day!!

These are just a few glimpses into our trip.  It was a special time of being alone with Jesse and helping weave the story of my early years into what he knows of his Mama!!! So thankful we got to experience what we did together!!!


  1. How cool that you did this trip with your son. I didn't live in one place while growing up owing to the fact that dad was in the Army. My favorite place, other than the town where my grandparents lived and my dad grew up, was Arlington, VA. A few years ago I went there and parked in front of our house. It was a very emotional experience for me. I didn't know the people who lived there so didn't ask to go in, but just seeing it was enough. I cried and I couldn't even tell you why. Going home is such a blessed thing when you had happy times and made good memories. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip for both of you, Barb. I'm so glad you got to share this experience and more of your life with your boy. So dear that Jesse gave the ball to a little kid. *sniff* Great pictures. I recognized the art museum...from a Psych episode!