Wednesday, August 5, 2009


In my last post I was sharing about the dream of speaking and the process the Lord has been taking me through! While it is exciting, fun and scary all at the same time, I realize it does not define me nor make my life any better than it already is!!

Last night it was just me and the 2 little ones home. Tim and Jesse are out of town and R&B were at a friend's house. I had gotten the littles in bed and was preparing to go myself just as a storm blew in. I went out and laid on the bed on the back porch and watched the lightning and listened to the thunder. I pondered my day ~ shopping for school stuff and working in our school room, talking to Rachel about life, playing Trouble with the litte ones, catching up with Tim on what he and Jesse had been doing ~ and I realized that if THIS is all that life involves for me now then I will die a very contented old lady!

I LOVE my life! I can't think of anything that would make it better than it already is! Sure speaking, if the Lord continues to allow it, will be fun...but I get to share life with the 6 most amazing people I know and Papa loves me! Wow!!! I can't imagine it getting any better than this! \O/


  1. Preach it, sista! I couldn't agree more.

    Yesterday I went for a walk and worked a little in my garden. I'm so thankful for the simple things and for my precious family. Blessed indeed!

  2. Love that full heart feeling!

    I have to disagree though, Trouble and I just do not agree!! Life can get much better than a game of Trouble with my two kiddos. Ack. Gimme Uno anyday and then life will be grand! ;)