Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm not crazy!

My family has been thinking the last few days that I am crazy! While it is still 90 degrees here, it feels different to me. I have been telling them that it is a 90 that feels like a summer going into fall 90, rather than a spring going into summer 90! I can't explain it exactly, but there is an undercurrent that feels different...honest!

Of course, they just roll their eyes at me and continue to wipe the sweat from their faces! But then my dear friend, Jane, wrote this...

Even yesterday, I came outside and I could feel that fall thing in the's a warmness that has a cool undertone. In the spring I feel the coolness with the warm undertone and know that summer is on the way...this is the opposite. I could feel fall in the air.

Yay! I'm not alone! Someone else feels it, too! Ah, it's good to have friends that understand! So, hey...

Happy almost fall to you!


  1. I feel it too, Barb! And it's not really weather related. It's just a slight detection that something has changed and we are gradually moving into a new season. You're not crazy!

  2. I agree Mrs.Barb! I started to notice it this morning when i was walking to my neighborhood park. I agree fall is almost here :)