Friday, January 22, 2010

Tag...You're It!

Most of you know we are homeschoolers and I have my youngest 3 at home still. Jesse LOVES history and loves to read biographies and anything that makes history come alive. We have found a new way to make history exciting for him...and for me! ;O) My dad teaches him!

Jesse and Grandpa have always had a special relationship and they have started a once-a-week history time together. My dad comes to get him and they go to my parent's house for 3-4 hours to talk and study! Jesse has been reading about the Civil War and so that is what they have been talking about recently. I think they are going to talk about some of the battles today, among other things.

I am excited that Jesse can have this special time with my dad and I am excited that I have a tag-team teacher in my dad! Here they are getting ready to leave today! Aren't they cute?! :O)


  1. Barb, that is just awesome!! Thanks for sharing! We are blessed to be near my parents and David's parents...something I did not grow up with, living close to I'm going to consider something like this. :) We did visit with MY grandfather to learn more about WW2 with the kids a few months ago...that was awesome too. Homeschooling is such a gift! :)

  2. How awesome to have grandparent memories--something I wasn't blessed to have.Mine died when I was very young.It's always been my prayer that when I have gone on to glory, that my grandchildren will have many fond memories of times we shared stored up to remember me by.Stories to tell to their own children about their time with me. God's Word says the older are to mentor to the younger. Jesse will treasure his Grandpa memories!

  3. They are darling together! Great creative solution for history. Way to go, mama!

  4. I read this last week, but didn't take time to comment. This is sooo sweet! I love that they have this time together. What sweet memories they are making together.