Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Day

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. I did some school with the kids, cleaned up, did quite a bit of laundry, cooked a big lunch and just generally attended to Mama stuff. Benji had a game, but it wasn't til 4:45pm so I had time, after all my work was done, to take a shower and freshen up. That may seem like it shouldn't be anything noteworthy, but if you are reading this and are a Mama you understand how exciting it really is!

When I got to the field, I realized just what a glorious day it was for baseball...high 70's, no humidity and a good breeze that kept it from feeling even the least bit hot. This is the reason I think there is no place like Georgia in the springtime!! It had been warm enough when I left home for me to put on shorts and, since I had pulled my chair up to the wall behind home plate, I decided to put my legs up and get a little sun on my haven't-seen-sun-for-months legs.

I raised my legs, stretched them out and gazed down at them in all their whiteness. And then it hit me...

I had only shaved one leg in the shower!

The bad thing is, I know I shaved 2 legs so evidently I shaved the same one twice! Seriously? That is what I have been reduced to? A woman who, when she finally gets freed up enough to take a shower does so, only to realize later that she was so far gone she will now have to wait til tomorrow to shave the other leg. Of course, by then the first leg's hairs will have grown enough that it will have stubble and I will be reduced to shaving that leg for the third time in 2 days!

Somehow, when I held that first little baby in my arms so many years ago, I never thought that motherhood would take such a toll on my mind! I used to be sharp. I used to be able to complete a thought AND a sentence and sometimes do both at the same time. I used to be able to remember names, numbers and other important facts in my head. I used to be able to get out of the shower with both legs shaved at the same time! Sheesh!

Well, the good news is that today is a new day with new opportunities...and a new chance to make sure that both legs get shaved at the same time!! My one consolation is that immediately upon discovering my oversight, I posted about it on FB to try and encourage other moms as they slogged through their day that they were not the only ones for whom the mind was slipping! As sisters in this journey always do, my friends encouraged me that they too have done just this (along with a few other hilarious things) and that I am not alone in my craziness. Laughter truly is good medicine and being able to laugh at one's self is always an admirable quality!

So today, may women all across the nation rise up in their calling...and attempt to find time not only to shower, but to make sure both legs get shaved at the same time!!


  1. Oh Barb, This made me smile. I relate;-)

  2. Great post Barb!! We joke about this stories at MOPS all the time and have come to call it "momnesia"!! Good thing we can all relate!! I'm feeling it even stronger during this pregnancy and it drives me crazy!! My 4 year old even told me I was getting old because my remembory wasn't working!!! Thanks for sharing, Jill
    By the way I tried to find you on FB, but there are a lot of Barb Cash's out there!!!

  3. Oh, how funny, and how much like me that is! We are getting ready to make a big move, and I have made a few crazy mistakes lately. Thanks for reminding me to shave both legs. :) We'll be outdoors watching baseball very soon!

  4. I love this. I'm good if I even remember to shave my legs while I have the chance. Hope you have a restful and relaxing day today my friend!

  5. This should go up along with wars and rumors of wars..a sign of the end times...

    how the most simple thing can set off great laughter,,,
    Can you hear me from CT??? lol

    Maybe not..the taxes are too high..just had to throw that in the mix..
    If I am going to laugh at your leg I am going laugh at the taxes in CT!!!!!!
    Love your spirit,

  6. So funny, Barb! I love your sense of humor and how you can laugh at the little things!

  7. I guess the saying "no use crying over spilled milk" should now say "no use crying over one shaved leg"!

  8. You are hilarious! Still, I'm so glad you got to sit in the sun on a beautiful spring afternoon. *happysigh*

  9. LOL! I'm not sure I've ever shaved just one leg before, but I've done so many similar things like forget to rinse out my conditioner. I've also been standing in the shower and had no idea whether I had actually washed my hair or not. That has happened more than once. Way more.

    I also tell people I used to be smart. Usually after I've done something totally ditzy.