Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I am in the process of preparing for the homeschool conventions that I am speaking at this spring. I have 2 sessions and one of them is the session I did last year called She Senses the Worth of Her Work. I was worried that I might have trouble doing the same session again and find ways to make it fresh. It is crazy, though, but as I started reading through my notes I found I am as passionate as ever about this topic and am excited to share with another group of women!

I was reading through my notes on Saturday as I sat at the ballpark in Columbus, GA at a double header Benji had that day. Our drive home was almost 3 hours and Benji and I had the best time laughing, talking and just spending time together. I realized that time like that is one of the pay-offs that shows me very clearly the worth in what I do every day.

The relationship that I share with my kids makes everything I do as a stay-at-home mom and homeschooler worth it. I am not saying that women who put their children in school or work can't have the same kind of relationship with their kids, but being a stay-at-home homeschooler is hard and some days it is hard to keep slugging it out. Knowing that it was a tool the Lord used to mesh our hearts together is amazing.

The world loves to distort the lens that women look at themselves through. We never feel smart enough, skinny enough, appreciated enough or loved enough. Riding home with Benji and listening to him share his heart and just cutting up and laughing together was such an encouragement. Having my kids tell me they are so happy God gave them a Mama who is a great cook makes all those days I have to figure out what to cook for dinner worth it! Having a teenage daughter who wants to talk to me about things in her life and a child who calls me "Sugar Lips"...does it get any better than that?

It may seem, on any given day, like our time is filled with mundane tasks and constant irritations and interruptions all strung together, but the intrinsic worth in all we do is so priceless we could never put a monetary value on it!

Thank You, Papa, for letting me see such fruit from years of labour! Thank You for the strong relationships I share with my children and for the amazing young men and women they are becoming. Thank You for blessing me beyond my wildest dreams and for sustaining me when the going gets tiring. Thank You for helping me embrace this life in spite of how many times the world tries to tell me there is more out there that would fulfill me and feed my need for affirmation! Thank You for these 6 people I get to call mine, Lord! They are amazing!!!


  1. Barb, I'm so thankful I came to your blog today. I have tears but it's good...I'm in that place as a stay-at-home homeschooling mom where I'm a bit worn out and wondering if what I'm doing is making a difference. Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging message - we need to hear it! Again and again!!! Looking forward to those rides with my little ones as they get older too!! Saying a prayer for you now, Jill

  2. Barb, I must agree on all points with Jill Beran. You have such a gift of encouragement with words.

  3. So sad that I will not get to hear your talk this year in Cincy. Mike and I will miss hanging out with you guys.

    I'm looking at the framed stitched "She senses the worth of her work" that you gave me a few years ago. Thank you again! It's right on my desk where I see it everyday. Your words today encourage me again to be mindful of the worth of this blessed work God has given me to do.

    Thanks dear friend for being you! Love you!

  4. Such great words, Barb … I needed to read them this morning!! :)