Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Funny...

Hannah, pictured above, loves for me to give her words to spell! She will sit for a verrryyyyy looonnnngggggg time writing word after word, forming long lists of (usually) correctly spelled words. Today as I was fixing lunch she asked for me to play this game (so funny she doesn't even know she is REALLY doing school ;O) )!

I decided to give her the word "horse" to see what she could do with it. She sounded it out and spelled it correctly, down to the silent "e" at the end. I asked her how she kew it had an "e" at the end to which she replied...

"Sometimes you can just feel it in your brain!"

Ah, I certainly wasn't ready for that one, but I loved it! We've all had that feeling, too. You can't necessarily tell anyone how you know something to be true...sometimes you just feel it in your brain!

Kids! :O)

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  1. So nice to meet you! I found you via in courage!

    Love your sister in Christ,